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Raise the Roof
Dance Therapy Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Tuned in to Learning

This song is available on Tuned in to Learning: Adapted Dance and Movement.

Sample IEP Objective:
     The student will identify the right and left sides of the body by following instructions including left/right within a dance activity with 80% accuracy in 4 out of 5 opportunities. 

     Use as an upper body mobility activity for students with orthopedic impairments. With the 
appropriate level of physical assistance, the students can move their arms to the right, left, up, and down along with the song.
     Have students try the dance in a kneeling position on a mat in order to target core strength.     

C’mon everybody get in the groove.
C’mon everybody get ready to move.
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon.

Stop and push it to the right.
(right arm out in “stop” formation, then across to right)
Stop and push it to the left.
(left arm out in “stop” formation, across to left)

Raise the roof to the right, raise the roof.
(arms up towards right)
Raise the roof to the left, raise the roof.
(arms up towards left)

Shimmy down, down, down, down.
(“twist” down using arms & legs)
Lean back, lean back, lean back.




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Many thanks to Tuned in to Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© Tuned in to Learning. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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