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Wiggy Wiggy Wiggles
Action Song Lyrics and Sound Clip 
Hap Palmer

This song is available on Hap Palmer's Sally the Swinging Snake.

I got the wiggy wiggy wiggles and I can't slow down
The squizzy squizzy squirmies, got to move around
The busy busy buzzies like a buzzin' fly
The silly willy nillies and I don't know why.

I got the jiggy jiggy jiggles and I can't sit still
The shiver shiver shakies like a fever chill
The fidgy fidgy fidgets and I'm flippin' out
Golly golly jeepers got to jump about.

And my mommy and my daddy and my teachers say
"Calm down, cool down, Hey Hey Hey!
You drive me crazy crackers when you act this way
Slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down."


     wiggle, squirm, jiggle, shake, shiver, fidget, jump about, slow down, freeze, be still 

     When you hear the music, wiggle, jiggle, squirm, shake and fidget as fast as you can. Gradually slow down as the music gets slower. When the music stops, freeze and hold whatever shape your body is in.
     Children can start by wiggling individual body parts and progress to wiggling the whole body. The teacher can give cues such as: "Wiggle just your hands ... Now wiggle just your feet ... Wiggle your shoulders ...
     Find another part of your body you can wiggle ... Can you wiggle two parts at once? ... Now let me see you wiggle your whole body."

    Name all the things you can think of that wiggle.
    Can you wiggle just your shoulder? your right leg? your whole body?
    What makes you feel restless and fidgety?
    What is the opposite of restless and fidgety?
    What makes you feel calm and peaceful?
    What words describe how you might move when you feel calm and peaceful?
        (Examples: slow, smooth, even, relaxed, loose, easy)
    Create a three part movement phrase that starts slowly and smoothly, becomes wiggly and jiggly, then ends slowly and smoothly.


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Many thanks to Educational Activities, Inc.for permission to display these lyrics and activities.
© Activity Records, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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