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Do You Know Your Community Helpers?
Song for Teaching the "Communities" Curriculum
Music with Mar.

This song is available on Mar. Harman's
"Singing in a Different Key"

Do you know your community helpers, community helpers, community helpers?
Yes.  I know the community helpers.  They help us everyday. 

Let’s name some.

Oh, do you know the postal worker, postal worker, postal worker?
Yes. I know the postal worker.  She delivers my mail. 

Sometimes she walks, sometimes she drives.

Do you know the firefighter, firefighter, firefighter?
Yes.  I know the firefighter.  They put out fires. 

They use water from a hose

Do you know a police officer, a police officer, a police officer?
Yes.   I know a police officer.  They keep us safe. 

They help everywhere.

Do you know the crossing guard, crossing guard, the crossing guard?
Yes.  I know the crossing guard.  He helps us cross the street. 

They stop cars so we can walk.

Here is a twist to the “Muffin Man”.   This modernized version asks children knowledge of community helpers and awareness of their roles.  Gender is switched back and forth to indicate anyone can be a community helper.  When this is a part of children’s everyday life, we can help to change social stereotypes.  After song, let them add their own verses and sing their questions.  This will help you understand what community helpers they are aware of (or interested in.)


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Many thanks to Mar. Harman for permission to display these lyrics.
© Mar. Harman, BMI. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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