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That's How You Play the Game
Sportsmanship Song
Jan Nigro

This song is available on Vitamin L's Every Moment.

Tommy really has a gift for playing basketball.
Problem is he doesn't seem to have much fun at all.
He trash talks everyone, complains at every call.
He blames his teammates if he lose,
You wonder why he even plays at all.

Now Andy has a different style when he plays the sport,
Although he isn't all that great when he plays out on the court.
He always has a good time; he just loves to play,
And people like him on their team,
They enjoy his easy going way.

Everybody now!

Come to jump, (come to jump), come to run, (come to run),
Come to play, (come to play), and have some fun, (and have some fun).
Hey lose or win, (lose or win), 
Don't lose your grin, (don't lose your grin).
Enjoy it just the same. That's how you play the game.
That's how you play the game!

My sister had a baseball coach who lost his cool a lot.
Although the team was trying hard his temper got real hot.
He wanted to win so bad whenever they would play.
He screamed and yelled and put them down,
If only he had looked at it this way.

Everybody now!


You don't have to be good at sports
To be a great human being.
You may have other talents,
and be good at other things.
You may not be the playing sort,
It's not for everyone.
But if you choose to play a sport, have fun!

There's football and there's baseball
And there's soccer and there's hoop.
So find a sport that's good for you and find a friendly group.
A group that has a good time, that makes you glad you came.
And let's not get too serious, remember after all it's just a game.

Everybody now!



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Many thanks to Jan Nigro and Vitamin L for permission to publish these lyrics.
© 1991 Jaminination Music BMI. Used with permission.

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