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Community Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Fred Gee

This song is available on Fred Gee's Community Songs From Fred Gee

Written by Fred Gee with Mr. Albright’s 1990/91 Grade 5 Class
Grandview School, Catskill, NY

It seems that if you’re working there’s one thing that is true
No matter if you’re happy no matter if you’re blue
When lunchtime comes around everyone is glad to be
Kicking off their shoes and resting from that terrible drudgery.

Lunchtime is the best time
It helps break up the day
Lunchtime is the best time
‘Cause work seems far away.

Working in the hayfields under the blazing sun
Our job is hot and dusty until the day is done
But when we break for lunch we always feel so free
While lying down to daydream underneath our favorite tree.


Working in a factory next to the furnace heat
We get so hot and dirty and tired on our feet
When lunchtime comes we just sit down to rest our weary backs
It feels so good to read and chat and simply just relax.


Working as a student in a hot and stuffy room
When you don’t understand things you feel like you are doomed
That’s why when math is over and the clock says it’s lunchtime
We run to play all kinds of games out in the bright sunshine.


Working in an office is harder than it seems
Punching a computer and staring at a screen
So when the clock say twelve fifteen you hurry down the stairs
To find a corner in the park where you can breathe fresh air.


So it’s clear that people who work at anything
Get tired of what they’re doing before the lunch bell rings
And that is why the lunch break is such a happy time
Because you leave that drudgery so very far behind.



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Many thanks to Fred Gee for permission to display these lyrics.
© Clear Horizons Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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