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The Ugly Duckling Blues
Song to Encourage Acceptance
Susan Harrison

This song is available on Susan Harrison's Once Upon a Rhyme.

Early one spring, baby ducks hatched.
Mother was so proud, yet one didn’t match.
Brother and Sister, soon started to tease,
Strutting about with the greatest of ease.

Your friends call you ugly, ugly by name. They
laugh and they gawk, they point and they blame,

Calling Ugly Ooo Ooo Ooo,
I’m glad I’m not you, ugly you.

It’s a pity, such a shame, when looks are not the same
And you’re called ugly Ooo Ooo Ooo.

Oh, It’s hard to listen when your listening tomean.
How can friends cause such a scene?

Acting so important while being so bad,
Not even caring that others are sad.

It’s a pity, such a shame, when looks are not the same
And you’re called ugly Ooo Ooo Ooo.

So your feathers aren’t sparkly with a colorful sheen,
You’re such a good swimmer you could be queen.
Swimming circles around the rest.
You're kind and sincere, who cares who looks best?

You're not ugly -- you're unique,
Just wait one day you’ll see,
That your not ugly Ooo Ooo Ooo.

Sure enough it happened, the very next spring, the
water relected such a beautiful thing.

Swimming about could it really be true?
The prettiest image, how could it be you?

Your no duckling, you’re a swan.
You’ve been one all along
And you’re not ugly Ooo Ooo Ooo.

So try not to listen when others are mean,
Trying to look big and causing a scene.

Being a bully is never cool,
Sooner or later you’ll look like a fool.

Sure looks they may fade,
But to friends you’re never strange.

Yeah looks they may fade
But good friends will stay and stay.

And you’ll never be ugly Ooo Ooo Ooo



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Many thanks to Susan Harrison for permission to display these lyrics.
© PALamusic. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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