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Read a Book
Song to Encourage Reading
Words and Music by Marcy Marxer
Performed by Two of a Kind

This song is available on Two of a Kind's Love Makes A Family

This song is also available separately:

If you're looking for adventure; you want to unwind
Pick up a good story; get out of that old grind, and

Read a book (read, read, read, read a book)
Read a book (read, read, read, read a book)
If you're looking for laughter, if fun is what you're after -
Read a book (read, read, read, read a book)
If you've got a question, something's on your mind
Reading is the answer, be a mastermind!


There's a way to find out, don't leave any doubt
Daytime, night time, morning time, noon
Afternoon, bed time, any time is good to


Don't you frown, just sit right down and
Now it is your bed time, you cannot fall asleep
Reading is the answer; why bother counting sheep?

Pull the covers 'round, now, snuggle on down and

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and Early Childhood Song Lyrics.

Many thanks to Two of a Kind for permission to display these lyrics.
© David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

© 1989 2SpoonMusic (ASCAP) Marcy Marxer


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