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Reading Comprehension Songs

Teaching Word Attack and Reading Comprehension Strategies

These Reading Comprehension Songs are available from a variety of albums:

      Ask Important Questions– Nikki Andres-Bye
      Character Emotions and Feelings– Read About It, Sing About It
      Context Clues – Read About It, Sing About It
      Dream Big—Read!– Steve Blunt
      Figure Words Out– Jack Hartmann
      Get Energized to Summarize– Nikki Andres-Bye
      Hop Over It – Jack Hartmann
      I Can Clarify– Nikki Andres-Bye
      Inference– Read About It, Sing About It
      Make Reading a Habit– Ben Stiefel
      One World, Many Stories– Steve Blunt
      One World, Many Stories– Two of a Kind
      Partner Reading– Kathleen Wiley
      Reading Question Song– Jack Hartmann
      Schema– Nikki Andres-Bye
      Summarize A Story – Jeff Schroeder
      Talk About Text Features– Nikki Andres-Bye
      Workout With a Family of Words– Jack Hartmann

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reading and comprehension skills:

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