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Vowel Songs: Teaching Long, Short, and Variant Vowel Sounds

These vowel sound songs are available from a variety of albums:

Vowel Songs
      Apples and Bananas (the long vowels)– Dan Crow
      A Vowel Sound in Every Syllable– Jennifer Fixman
      Funny Rhymes (Long Vowels)– Ron Brown
      Long Vowel Songs– Jennifer Fixman
      The "-ock" Phonogram– Phonics Songs: Short Vowels
      Short Vowels– Kathleen Wiley
      Sounds of the Alphabet– Marilyn M. Linford
      Vowel Blues– Liz Buchanan
      The Vowel Family–Cathy Bollinger
      The Vowel Jamboree– Liz Buchanan
      The Vowel Song– Unknown
      Vowel Sound Hound Dogs 1– Jack Hartmann
      Vowel Sound Samba– Jack Hartmann
      Vowels: A E I O U and Sometimes Y– Felice Green, Ed.M.
      What's That Sound? (Short Vowels)– Ron Brown

Phonics Songs for Individual Vowel Sounds

      Aa– Greg Whitfield
      Pooh Bakes a Cake (the long a sound)– Dan Crow
      The Bag (the short a sound)– Dan Crow
      The Long Vowel "ai" Sound– Fun Phonics Songs
      The Long Vowel "-ate" Sound– Phonics Songs: Long Vowels

      A Snoozle for a pet (the short e sound)– Dan Crow
      Ee– Greg Whitfield
      The Long Vowel "e" Sound– Fun Phonics Songs
      Sneeze in Threes (the long e sound)– Dan Crow

      A Very Wide Pooh (the long i sound)– Dan Crow
      Ii– Greg Whitfield
      The Tiggership (the short i sound)– Dan Crow

      Eeyore's Cold Nose (the long o sound)– Dan Crow
      Oo– Greg Whitfield
      Pooh's Honey Pot (the short o sound)– Dan Crow

      A Heffalump Hunt (the short u sound)– Dan Crow
      A Tune for June (the long u sound)– Dan Crow
      Uu– Greg Whitfield

"r-controlled" Vowels
      R-Controlled Vowels– Jennifer Fixman
      Rock and Roll Star– Fun Phonics Songs

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