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Hey Mama, When Do You Use A Comma?
Song For Teaching Grammar - Lyrics and Sound Clip
Kathleen Wiley

This song is available on Kathleen Wiley's English: Sing Your Way to Easy Learning


Hey Momma, when do you use a comma?
Hey Momma, when do you use a comma?
Hey Momma, when do you use a comma?

Well, dear, you use it in a series....
Words in a series are in linear list
They're separated by commas, well, that is
Except the last 2 where you'll show that you're a comma whiz
You'll never put a comma where an and or or is....
I bought a hat, comma, a coat, comma, a shirt, comma,
some shoes, comma some books and then a watch.
I bought a towel, comma, a shovel, comma, a bucket, comma ,
some lotion, comma, an innertube and cap.
I want a dog, comma, a cat, comma, a bird, comma,
a fish comma, a camel or a bat.


To separate the day or month or year.
June 12, comma, 1988,
March 4th, comma1848,
May 6th, comma 1709,
June 5 th, comma 2005
Tuesday, comma, May 12, comma, 1985,
Monday, comma, April 6, comma, 1999
Friday, comma, June 9, comma, 1898,
Sunday, comma, March 3, comma, 1988


To separate a city and a state....
Salt Lake City, comma. Utah,
Little Rock, comma, Arkansas
Seattle, comma Washington,
Miami, comma, Florida


Well, dear, you use it in direct address....
Sue, comma, put that over there....
John, comma, you gave me a scare!!
Ann, comma, please take your seat.
Bill, comma, this book can't be beat!!


Well, dear, you use it in appositives ....
John, comma, my brother, comma , came home today.
Sue, comma, my aunt, comma, wants her driveway paved.
Bill, comma, my brother, comma, tried to start the car.
Ann, comma, my sister comma, wants to know where you are.

There're other places...like introductory phrases
Introductory words and sometimes in quotations....
After dependent clauses, and in compound sentences
In letter greetings and in closings.

So in your writing.... when you decide to use a comma,
You'll remember.... because you listened to your momma
You'll follow the rules....You won't abuse a comma.....
You'll use commas only where the rules say...!!!!


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Many thanks to Kathleen Wiley for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Funtime Learning, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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