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Song for Teaching Capitalization Rules
Joe Crone

This song is available on Joe Crone's Geometry Park.

Capitals, I don’t know why you use a capital, “I”.
You use them on the first word of a quote, a monument, a ship or a boat.
You use them when you make a title,
On the first and important words, that’s vital.

Hum along if you can’t sing,
Uh-huh, Capitals are a strange thing.
Uh-huh, Capitals are a strange thing.

Capitals are used in many ways,
On historical events and holidays,
Nationalities, religions and races,
You use them on geographical places,
On, “North, East, West and South”,
When they’re used as places, well shut my mouth.


The first word of a sentence is capitalized,
Listen up ‘cause I’m not telling lies. (I’m not telling lies)
Days, months and all the world’s nations,
Businesses, schools and organizations.
Initials, and the brand names of products,
And only on certain cool school subjects.


Capitals are used on everyone’s name,
And on the title, in front of that name.
When they’re used as names, now here’s the best
Capitals are used on the names of God,
Now you know the rules and you’re out of the fog.





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Many thanks to Joe Crone for permission to display these lyrics.
© Joe Crone. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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