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Hello Neighbor, I'm a Farmer

Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
David Kisor

This song is available on Music in My Mouth: Songs for Speech & Language Skills

Dance and Movement Tips
· Teach the signs for "dog," "cat," "cow," "duck," "rake," "hat," "barn," and "truck." As the children sing the words, use the signs and hold up their fingers to indicate either"one" or "two" of the object/animal.
· Give each child a picture of one of the objects/animals named.When they hear or sing the word that goes with their picture, they get to take one step forward.


Hello neighbor, I'm a farmer living next to you
I have one of everything, you can call me Sue

One dog, one cat, one cow, one duck
One rake, one hat, one barn, one truck

Hello neighbor, I'm a farmer, you can call me Lou
If we put our stuff together, one and one makes two

Two dogs, two cats, two cows, two ducks
Two rakes, two hats, two barns, two trucks

Lots of neighbors, lots of farmers, next to Sue and Lou
All with one of everything, makes much more than two

More dogs, more cats, more cows, more ducks
More rakes, more hats, more barns, more trucks


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Many thanks to David Kisor for permission to display this biography and music.
© Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Children, Inc. & Kisor Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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