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Living on a Layer Cake
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Chris Rawlings

This song is available on Chris Rawlings' Rocks & Water


Mercure, vénus, terre

Living on a layer cake
Way down under the ground
Living on a layer cake
Take a slice and look around

Well if you live in southern Ontario
There's a fruitcake at the bottom I'm told
With precious gems like candied fruit
And swirls of minerals like silver and gold
It's all mixed into pre-cambrian rock
Two to three billion years old
The layer cake rocks show how the story of the earth unfolds

Chorus: Cause we're ...

Well you might find a mousse cake layer of silt
Left by a glacier's retreat
Or a wafer-like layer made out of shale
With a fossil of a coral reef
Trilobytes and brachiopods
Lived here in an ancient sea
And left a limestone poundcake for you to see

Chorus: Cause we're....

There's an angel cake layer of pomous rock
That tells about a volcano
And a marzipan strip up on the top
Where the earth's food supply does grow
Sand and silt form a sponge cake
Where the groundwater lies
And the cities stand tall like candles when you realize

Chorus: that we're...



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Many thanks to Chris Rawlings for permission to display these lyrics.
© Cooking Fat Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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