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Get Your Molecules Movin'
Physical Science Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
J.P. Taylor

This song is available on  J.P. Taylor's Singing' Songs of Science.

 "Get Your Molecules Movin' "begins by explaining that heat moves from place to place in three different ways, and the chorus reinforces the concept that the movement of molecules causes heat. In each verse one of the three means of heat flow is explained (conduction, convection, and radiation) and a common, everyday example is given. 
        Your kids will never look at a hairdryer, a spoon, or even the Sun in the same way again! 

Now heat can move around from place to place 
It can even burn your skin when the sun's on your face 
Heat's got three ways of movin', count 'em one, two, three 
And they're all in this song, so come on, sing it with me

Get your molecules movin', pick up your feet 
Get your molecules movin', and then you've got heat 
Get your molecules movin', pick up the beat 
Get your molecules movin', can't just sit on your seat

Now Conduction is just one way that heat can move 
Like when heat travels up through the handle of your spoon 
Way on down at the hot end molecules are really dancin' 
And they bump into each other till the heat's up at your end 


Well Convection is another way that heat can move 
Like when heat travels round through the air in your room 
Yeah air carries heat when it moves from place to place 
Just like your hair dryer does when it blows on your face 


Now Radiation is the third way that heat can move 
Like when the sun's 
rays hit you in the middle of June 
You see they don't need air to make their way through space 
Because they travel by waves until they hit your face 


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Many thanks to J.P. Taylor for permission to display these lyrics.
© 1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.   All rights reserved.

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