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Why Rivers Flow

Song For Teaching About Rivers
Frank Bruen

This song is available on Frank Bruen's Color Your Environment

Have you ever watched a river go by?
And wonder where it’s going and why?
Some say rivers just flow to the sea,
And I’m sure that it’s true what they say.
But a river does so much more than that as flows along it’s way.

Rivers give life to flowers and trees,
And water for people to drink.
And a place for millions of fishes to swim
and somewhere for kids to swim or sink.

Part of the river goes up to the sun,
And some of it’s lost to the wind.
But, no matter how high in the sky it goes,
It comes back to the Earth again.

Some of it falls as rain on your head.
Some as snow to make slides for your sled.
But when all of this water finds somewhere to go,
That’s where a river begins to flow.

And where there’s a river there’s life and so…
That’s where they go… That’s why they flow… hmmmm


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Many thanks to Frank Bruen for permission to display these lyrics.
© Frank Bruen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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