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Geology & Earth Science Songs

Songs for Teaching about the Earth

These geology song lyrics are available from a variety of albums. Use these songs for teaching about weathering, erosion, the rock cycle, plate tectonics, rock types, the water cycle, and reading topographic maps.

Earth Science and Geology Songs
AirFrank Bruen
All The Rivers RunTwo of a Kind
Conservation NationJ. P. Taylor
Folding, Faulting, and IntrusionLyrical Earth Science
GravityProfessor Boggs   
Interdependence DayJ. P. Taylor
Introduction to GeologyLyrical Earth Science
Kepler SaidProfessor Boggs
Layers of the Earth – MindMuzic
Living on a Layer CakeChris Rawlings
Little Blue Ball – Douglas Wood
Little Stream – Douglas Wood
Natural Rock Breakdown – Kenny Hood
Mass Movement – Lyrical Earth Science
Plate Tectonics – Lyrical Earth Science
Rain, Snow, Hail or Sleet – Ron Brown
The Rock Cycle – J.P. Taylor
Rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic – Jim Thompson
Rock Cycle – Professor Boggs
Rock Cycle Rap – Allendale's Got Talent
Rock Cycle Rock – Chris Rawlings
Rock Types – MindMuzic
Saturated Zone – Chris Rawlings
Sedimentary Rock – Marla Lewis
Some Mountains – Chris Rawlings
Sweet and Sour Rain – Chris Rawlings
Tectonics Throwdown – Jeff & Paige
That's the Earth – Music Movement & Magination
Three Major Groups of Rocks – Foster Brown
Topographic Maps – Lyrical Earth Science
Tornadoes – Ron Brown
Volcanoes – Ron Brown
Water– Two of a Kind
Water in the Air – Skip West
The Water Cycle – Lauren Mayer
Water Cycle Song – Foster Brown
Water Cycle Song – Jim Thompson
Waves, Wind, Water, and Ice – Kenny Hood
We are the Rocks – Kenny Hood
We’ve Got the Power – J. P. Taylor
Weathering of Rocks – Lyrical Earth Science
Why Rivers Flow – Frank Bruen

General Science Music
2 Scientific Method Songs – Jack Hartmann
Hypothesis – MindMuzic
The Bar Graph Dance – Science Maniacs
Evidence and Inference – Science Maniacs
The History of Scientific Discoveries – Science Maniacs
It's Alive/Non-living – Music with Mar.
The Metric Song – Kathleen Carroll
Nature of Science – Musically Aligned
Nature of Science – Professor Boggs
Physical Property Sense – Musically Aligned
Science Is – Tickle Tune Typhoon
Science, Science, Science – Dan Crow
Scientific Inquiry Rap – Allendale's Got Talent
Scientific Method – Music with Mar.
The Scientific Method – Doug Eldon
Scientific Method Blues – Kathleen Carroll
Scientific Method O.Q.P.H.E.A.D. – Kenny Hood
The Scientific Process – Jim Thompson

Science Musical Plays
Biomes: Animals and Plants in Their Habitats -
Bad Wolf Press
Environmental Show – Bad Wolf Press
Geology ROCKS! – Bad Wolf Press
The Rumpus in the Rainforest – Bad Wolf Press
Vacation On Mars – Bad Wolf Press

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