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Science Is...

Dennis Westphall
Tickle Tune Typhoon

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Science is a method to test and analyze
Science looks for answers when you hypothesize
Science is experiments to make discoveries

Science is a process that leads to a good theory

Science is geology, ecology, biology
Science is zoology, astronomy and chemistry
Science is anatomy, cosmology, technology
Observing, collecting, measuring

Science is a method to find what may be true
But science re-evaluates when it learns something new

Science is in medicine it's benefiting everyone
Science is the physics, mathematics, electronics
Observing, collecting, measuring

Give me that a data, give me data, give me that a data
Give me that a data, give me data, give me that a data
Science Is.






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Many thanks to Dennis Westphall and Tickle Tune Typhoon for permission to display these lyrics. 
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