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Folding, Faulting, and Intrusion
Teaching About the Movement of Earth's Plates
Lyrical Learning

This song is available on Lyrical Learning's Earth Science Geology

Although many mountains are volcanoes
There are forces that will change, the crust of Earth into a range
Of mountains which are not volcanic
Tectonic forces cause the folding and the faulting of the crust
And when these forces do cause folding
Creating A-shaped anticlines and U shape of synclines
Twisting, folding, squeezing, pulling
Movement that’s along a fracture is a fault and not a joint

And with faults there are three main kinds
Direction of force will vary, of course
The footwall and the hanging wall
If moving apart: the tension causes a normal fault
But if the force is the other way
Compression will push a fault in reverse
But then a shear or a sideways force
Can make a strike-slip fault like San Andreas

Intrusive igneous rock bodies
Where magma underground slowly cooled into rock
Can be as large as an entire mountain system
In batholiths, or smaller in a stock
A dike is magma that hardens after cutting ’cross the layers
A sill is where magma squeezed between
And a laccolith is like a sill except that it’s thicker
Pegmatite is where large minerals are seen

So now you know some structural mountain forms
From folding, faulting, intrusion is uplift
But if the landforms are formed instead from erosion
Dissected mountains are what is left



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Many thanks to Lyrical Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2003 Lyrical Learning. All rights reserved.



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