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Conduction, Convection, Radiation
Song For Teaching About Heat Transfer
Professor Boggs

This song is available on Professor Boggs' Physical Science Pack

This song is also available on Professor Boggs' Round the World with Science!

Conduction, convection, radi-adi-ation
These are all the ways that heat can move from a location
Temperature's a risin', molecules are moving
Heat will flow from hot to cold it's really not confusing at all!

Talk about conduction --
Heat is movin' through a spoon
Stir a cup of coffee & you'll feel it pretty soon
Hotter solid molecules they bump into the cool
And a wave of heat will move along conductors as a rule -


Now there's convection
That's when heat moves through the air
Or some water or a substance that can move from here to there
Warmer currents rise, and cooler currents sink
But it mixes up and evens out, it makes you want to think about...


Now radiation
Like the sun upon your face
It spreads by waves of light that even move through outer space
The waves they hit the molecules and make them dance around
The darker colors do it best, at least that's what we've found!


So next time that you got a hot potato in your hand
If you want to cool it down you got to understand
Solids can conduct, air and water can convect
But radiation is the one that light waves can detect...



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Many thanks to Larry Morris (Professor Boggs) for permission to display these lyrics and comments.
© Professor Boggs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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