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Up & Down An Incline Plane
Simple Machines Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Ken Whiteley

This song is available on Ken Whiteley's Musical Mystery Machines

Up and down an incline plane,
Up and down an incline plane,
It’s less work going up, Or coming down again,
Up and down an incline plane.

We’re told how the Egyptians long ago,
Built the pyramids of the great Pharaohs,
Pushed big blocks of stone up an incline plane,
Their ramps are gone but the pyramids remain.


In my automobile for a mountain ride,
When I take my car up a mountain side,
Roads aren’t built straight up that is too much strain,
But slowly we curve up on an incline plane.


Parking my old car when I go downtown,
In that parking garage I’ve got to drive around
Those ramps I drive upon are all incline planes.
As I drive around I can still sing this refrain.




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Many thanks to Ken Whiteley for permission to display these lyrics.
© Ken Whiteley. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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