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Song For Teaching About the Properties of Air
Frank Bruen

This song is available on Frank Bruen's Color Your Environment

I’m thinking of something that I cannot see,
But I know that it’s all around me.

Otherwise how does a goose fly so high…
And what keeps a kite up when it’s up in the sky?

I’m thinking of something that I cannot feel,
I can’t hold it or touch it but I know that it’s real.

It’s something inside of a bubble.
It’s something more precious than gold.

It’s something you need when we’re children.
It’s something we need when we’re old.

I’m thinking of something that sometimes I hear.
I don’t know where it is but I know that it’s near.

It turns into wind when it’s moving around
When it bumps into something it causes a sound

I’m thinking of something that keeps me alive,
And everything living needs this to survive.

I’m thinking of something you find everywhere.
Do you know what I’m thinking of?...

I’m thinking of … AIR!


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Many thanks to Frank Bruen for permission to display these lyrics.
© Frank Bruen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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