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Atom Matter
Matter, Atoms, Protons, Neutrons & Electrons

Dennis Westphall
Tickle Tune Typhoon

This song is available on Tickle Tune Typhoon's Singing Science

I'm matter, you're matter, everything is atom matter
Doesn't matter what it is
It's a matter of a million substances

All things are made when the atoms combine
Atoms are building blocks, 'bout one hundred kinds
Atoms make molecules when they combine
Chemical reactions make life entwine

An atom is so very small its mass is infinitesimal
But smaller is its nucleus the central core consists of
Protons and neutrons they're subatomic
Electrons keep right on speeding around it.




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Many thanks to Dennis Westphall and Tickle Tune Typhoon for permission to display these lyrics.
©1993 Tickle Tune Typhoon. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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