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Mass Movement
Teaching About the Movement of Rocks and Soil
Lyrical Learning

This song is available on Lyrical Learning's Earth Science Geology


The downhill movement of rocks and soil from the force of gravity
Why, they call that mass movement, and there’s four kinds we see
Moving on down , moving on down

Creep is saturated ground that goes down rather slow
But if it goes down faster from more water then it’s a flow
Like debris flow, earth and mud flow

Soil and rock that goes down a steep slope when it is dry
It goes down fast, makes piles of talus; they call it a landslide
Or avalanche, or avalanche

Mass movement with no hillside— subsidence its name
It’s what produces sinkholes of which Florida is famed
Collapsing ground, sinkin’ on down
Collapsing ground, sinkin’ on down
It’s mass movement, movin’ on down
Mass movement, movin’ on down



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Many thanks to Lyrical Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2003 Lyrical Learning. All rights reserved.



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