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Sweet and Sour Rain
Earth Science Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Chris Rawlings

This song is available on Chris Rawlings' Rocks & Water


Sweet and sour rain 
Falling from the sky 
The sour is the acid rain 
The sweet is alkali

But when acid rain falls day after day 
On the lakes and the rivers 
And the soil and the clay 
There's changes in the water and the forest... 
Day after day, year after year 
The lakes become acid 
And the fish disappear 
And we wonder how we got this acid rain...

Coming up the smokestack from your factory 
Nickel smelting, steel producing factory 
Coming from your car and truck emissions 
Coal fired, nuclear plant emissions 
Everything burning fossil fuel 
Emits hot sulfur as a rule 
The sulfur combines with the oxygen 
Combines with the water vapour again 
Makes sulphuric acid 
Sulphuric acid, acid rain, rain, rain, rain, rain 


Sometimes the soil is like the sweet rain 
Neutralizing the sour again 
And helps prevent the damage to the forest... 
Sometimes the lakes have sweet water too 
Limestone or calcium buffers will do 
They help to neutralize the acid rain...


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Many thanks to Chris Rawlings for permission to display these lyrics.
© Cooking Fat Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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