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Pillar of Sound Story

Story For Teaching About Sound
Frank Bruen

This song is available on Frank Bruen's Color Your Environment

This is a spoken story:

Once upon a time,
Long ago for you and me,
But not so long ago,
For the mountains and the sea.
In a quiet peaceful valley,
There was a quiet town.
And, in it’s center stood a tower,
Everyone called the Pillar of Sound

And people in the quiet town,
Would often gather ‘round,
To listen to the sound itmade,
As it went ‘round and round.
It seems as though it had the sounds
Of all the things the world had found.
Of everything they’d ever heard,
of every kind of spoken word.

It had the sound of laughing…
And the sound of sawing wood.
The sound of children clapping hands,
And all the sound was good.

There were oinks for pigs.
And chirps for birds.
And hiccups and humming,
And a dozen pretty words.
And the people smiled and listened,
As theymoved about the town,
To the quiet sounds the Pillarmade
As it went ‘round and ‘round.

Story continued...
Complete story included with this download.


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Many thanks to Frank Bruen for permission to display these lyrics.
© Frank Bruen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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