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The Electric Connection Rap
Kathleen Carroll

This song is available on Kathleen Carroll's
Science Songs and Stories for the Big Questions.

As you listen to this rap, see if you can follow the path electricity takes from the power source (the generator) to your home. 
      What are transformers and conductors? What is always necessary for the electricity to flow?


When we get wired we’re a wild bunch
A-hoppin’ and a-poppin’ with lot of punch!
It doesn’t take much, much to turn us on
Its fun to run when you’re an electron!

We hook right up to our power source
And then we activate... with a lot of force! 
We’re hard to stop once we get goin’ 
You know how it is when the juice is flowin’ !

Transformers serve to slow us down 
As we head from the generator for a night on the town.
In those wires, we zap right on through
Over ditches, highways and your backyard too!

Conductors they’re called for those who don’t know.
They’re the stuff that really makes us go!
We only travel very first class
Gold, silver, or copper, but never rubber or glass.

When we hit town, the place is ablaze. 
We’re wizards at finding our way through the maze !
When we find your toaster, we’ll make that boy pop;
Let us into your oven and watch that joker hop!

Its electric!
We’ll touch your phone and make it ring.
Get connected!
We’ll warm your kettle and make it sing!
You name it you want some flare ?
Just flick that switch and WE ARE THERE!

We light right up when we make a connection. 
And we’ve figured out the surest direction!
There’s a secret behind our awesome power— 
Mysterious and beautiful as a little flower....

Closing the circle is what its all about with not one piece missing or left out...
United we stand. Divided we fall. Its as simple as that, now that we know it all!


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Many thanks to Kathleen Carroll for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Kathleen Carroll. All rights reserved.

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