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Big Wheel - Little Wheel
Simple Machines Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Ken Whiteley

This song is available on Ken Whiteley's Musical Mystery Machines

The big wheel slowly turns, and the little wheel turns around
The big wheel slowly turns, and the little wheel turns around.

When one wheel moves another wheel,
The whole thing’s called a gear
And how those gears help tell the time,
I’ll try and make that clear.

If you look inside the clock, This is what you’d see,
Lots of wheels whose edges fit, Together so nicely.

When you look upon a clock, Three different hands appear,
In side the hands are all attached To wheels we call a gear , And

The hour hands the smallest hand, And it moves very slow,
So inside there’s the biggest wheel, To make the hours go.

To understand the minute hand,It’s good to count by fives,
And it goes one time all around, As each hour arrives.

The second hand, it moves so fast We even see it go,
It must have the smallest wheel, For it to move just so. And

You’ll find gears in more than clocks, In a VCR or car,
In fact those moving wheels called gears,
Help tune this guitar.


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Many thanks to Ken Whiteley for permission to display these lyrics.
© Ken Whiteley. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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