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Some Mountains
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Chris Rawlings

This song is available on Chris Rawlings' Rocks & Water


Hot enough to melt rock into magma, 
The heat from the Earth's core 
And the crust of the Earth is like a puzzle 
Whose pieces don't fit anymore 
Like a temper that's getting pushed out of control 
When the magma finds a way out 
You've got a volcano

Some mountains are wild 
Some mountains are tame 
Volcanoes are like people 
Each one plays a different game

You 're get the picture, there's a snow capped mountain 
And a tremor that could mean a quake 
You head for shelter, nothing happens 
That's when you make your worst mistake 
Back out on the street there's a sound like a thousand bombs 
It's raining ash and fire then the lava comes...but Chorus: 
Some mountains rest easy 
Some mountains blow 
Volcanoes have personality 
Each one gives a different show

A steep sloped mountain; a wild explosion 
A gentle slope means glowing lava flows 
A volcano fed by magma, that's rich in silica 
Will give a great fireworks show 
You can walk 'round Kilaluao's crater while the lava fountains and flares 
But climb up Popocatapetl only with great care Chorus: 
Some mountains are fickle 
Some mountains rant and rave 
Volcanoes have attitude 
Got their own way to behave


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Many thanks to Chris Rawlings for permission to display these lyrics.
© Cooking Fat Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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