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It Takes Force
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Ken Whiteley

This song is available on Ken Whiteley's Musical Mystery Machines

It takes force, (It takes force),
To lift up, (To lift up)
It takes force, (It takes force),
To lift up, (To lift up)

There’s got to be a better way
Than just my own strength
Gravity keeps pulling down
Giving things their weight.

Gravity can weigh you down,
It’s what makes things heavy
Machines can help us do the work,
We use less energy.

If I try and lift straight up,
It takes a lot of force.
If I can push it up a ramp,
It’s easier of course.

Pushing pulling up a ramp,
Is one way to move,
If there is a way to roll,
My chances I improve.



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Many thanks to Ken Whiteley for permission to display these lyrics.
© Ken Whiteley. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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