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Cell Emergency
Cellular Physiology Song
Science Maniacs

This song is available on Science Maniacs: Life Science.

All living things are made of cells
But what if your cells not doing too well
They need a special protein to make things right
And so the organelles prepare to win the fight

The nucleus senses that there’s something wrong
It’s the brain of the cell that keeps everything healthy and strong
It sends out some directions to all the organelles
And they’ll work hard together to find a way to save the cell

The cell membrane whose job it is to regulate
What goes in the cell so it takes in some food that we just ate.
The mitochondria provide the energy
To make the special protein and end this cell emergency


The lysosome breaks down the food the cell membrane lets in
It sends it to the ribosome so protein synthesis can now begin

The ribosomes are the factories to make proteins
On the endoplasmic reticulum is where they’re seen
On the transportation highway that keeps things moving on
And we call this cell highway the endoplasmic reticulum

The golgi body takes the proteins the ribosomes have made
It packages and modifies and sends them on their way
Along the ER highway to where it needs to go
It has to get there in time, the cell may die if it’s too slow


The nucleus directed everything just right
The organelles have saved the cells, they won the fight
Cells make trillions of proteins every single day
It keeps our bodies healthy, so we can sing and dance and play



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Many thanks to Multimedia Educational Solutions, LLC for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Multimedia Educational Solutions, LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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