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The Muscles Song
Teaching the Human Muscular System
Robin Walling

This song is available on Robin Walling's Science in Song.

Muscles, muscles everywhere
Attached to bones and come in pairs
Over 600 are what you’ll find
The skeletal, smooth and the cardiac kind

The masseter – in your cheek
Helps you to both smile and speak
Sternomastoids in your neck
Help you to rotate your head

Trapezius in the back of the neck
Attach your shoulders to your head
The deltoids are the next in line
To help you lift your arm just fine


Biceps are what Popeye flexed...

Latissimus dorsi in the back...


The gastrocnemius is the calf...

Let’s not forget the part that’s smooth...


Have your students write their own verses about the muscles in the human body, and perform them to the instrumental version of this song, included in the CD.
   Note: This song does NOT mention all of the muscles in the body.

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Many thanks to Robin Walling for permission to display these lyrics.
© Robin Walling. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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