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Nature of Science
Song For Teaching About Science
Professor Boggs

This song is available on Professor Boggs' Physical Science Pack
This song is available on Professor Boggs' Life Science Pack 2
This song is available on Professor Boggs' Earth Science Pack 2

This song is also available on Professor Boggs' Round the World with Science!

It's the nature of science as an activity
Lovin' the truth and the thrill of the hunt
Keeping an eye to the laws of reality
Keeping the evidence always in front
Make a hypothesis, run an experiment
Gather some data that tell you what's real
Analyze data, draw a conclusion then
Write it all up so we know it's the deal!

Kepler saw - the mind of god -
He saw that the circles were a little odd
Einstein - had the mind -
thought experiments were his design
But each of these scientists knew the trick
of reaching for patterns that could predict
And prediction is the key...

Milliken - the experiment man
He weighed electrons in a tin can
Watson & Crick - found DNA's trick
but they had some help from Ms. Franklin's pic
Scientists help build the future's dreams
Working alone or working in teams
Making dreams come true...

Scientists - like you and I
You don't have to be a genius to try
Use your mind, your eyes and ears
Don't waste time on superstitious fears
Learn to sort out the truth from lies
Know your sources and you'll be wise
As nature opens to you...


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Many thanks to Larry Morris (Professor Boggs) for permission to display these lyrics and comments.
© Professor Boggs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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