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Up In a Tree

Song For Teaching About Trees
Frank Bruen

This song is available on Frank Bruen's Color Your Environment

What can you see when you’re up in a tree,
Looking around, high off the ground?
Things look so tiny, the people so small,
The world is so big that you can’t see it all.

[Spoken by child]         
“But I can see so much more than before,

Colors like green and orange and brown.
There’s a cow on the ground a thousand feet down.

Hey… There’s a cloud in the sky … looks just a G-nu
I Can’t remember when I’ve seen so much blue.

I see rivers… and animals… and ducks in flight.
I wonder if ducks can fly at night?

There’s so much about nature that I’d like to know… (sigh)
There’s sure lots of flowers and that kind of stuff,
I should do this more often … it’s easy enough!”

You can see many things you’d like to see,
It’s as easy as climbing a tree


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Many thanks to Frank Bruen for permission to display these lyrics.
© Frank Bruen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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