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Teaching the Characteristics of Invertebrates

Dennis Westphall
Tickle Tune Typhoon

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Lantern Fish have bodies that can generate some light
Flying Fish will use their fins to help them in their flight
An Archer Fish spits water bullets, shooting insects down to eat
An Electric Eel, with six hundred watts, can knock you off your feet

Ichthyology, now that's a fish study

A male Sea Horse carries eggs in a pouch, oh that's nature's plan
Wobbegongs change color so they blend in with the sand
Pygmy Goby is the smallest fish the size of your thumbnail
The Whale Shark grows to fifty nine feet, he's the largest from head to tail

Over twenty one thousand species of fishies

Great White Shark, Piranha
Lamprey, Skate, Torpedo Ray

Over twenty one thousand species of fishies



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Many thanks to Dennis Westphall and Tickle Tune Typhoon for permission to display these lyrics.
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