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Song For Teaching about Healthy Ecosystems
Science Maniacs

This song is available on Science Maniacs: Life Science.

I’ve got a big pond in my backyard
It’s my own little ecosystem working hard
All the organisms are part of the food web
They play specific roles to make sure that they all get fed

The grasses growing on the edge and the algae in the water
The producers photosynthesize with light, CO2 and water
CO2 is in the air, the light comes from the sun
They produce the oxygen and the food needed by everyone


Some snails eat the algae and some snails eat the grass
They’re the primary consumers ‘cause they eat only plants
And even when the grass has died there’s still some energy left
For the decomposers, dead things are what they like best


The fish eat the snails and the turtles eat the fish
And every time that one of them eats it only gets 10%
So every gram of turtle needs 10 grams of fish
A gram of fish needs 10 grams of snails to fulfill its energy requirements


An ecosystem relies upon this energy pyramid
It takes an awful lot of plants to let 1 turtle live
1000 plants, 100 snails, 10 fish would be just right
To keep 1 turtle well fed and it all starts out with light



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Many thanks to Multimedia Educational Solutions, LLC for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Multimedia Educational Solutions, LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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