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Energy Roles
Producers and Consumers in Ecosystems
Science Maniacs

This song is available on Science Maniacs: Life Science.

How does the energy flow?
Where does the energy go?
We all need it to survive
Without it we could not stay alive
The producers make the food they’re the plants you know
The consumers eat the plants and on and on it goes

In most ecosystems the energy starts with light
It comes from the sun when it hits the plants just right
The plants are called producers they make the food we eat
They are the solar powered organisms and some are quite a treat

Strawberries, potatoes, apples, corn and wheat
Are some of the producers that we love to eat
So we are called consumers like the animals
But some animals eat different things to get their stomachs full


Horses, elephants, camels and deer
These are some herbivores other animals need not fear
They only eat the plants to get their energy
They are first level consumers munching plants so happily

Lions, tigers, wolves and dolphins in the sea
These are the carnivores they may seem kind of mean
They must eat animals to get their energy
We call them the predators their prey is what they eat


And it’s the omnivores who are so easy to please
They eat plants and animals whatever fills there needs
Bears and bats and humans, raccoons and chimpanzees
They’ll eat almost anything to get their energy



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Many thanks to Multimedia Educational Solutions, LLC for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Multimedia Educational Solutions, LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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