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The Bones Song
Teaching the Bones of the Human Body
Robin Walling

This song is available on Robin Walling's Science in Song.

206 Bones in the Body
206 That’s all there is
206 Bones in the Body
And if you sing it right
They sound like this….

The skull is the cranium, right on top
Immovable joint and not a soft spot
Scapula’s the shoulder blade, a real flat bone
Sternum’s in the center and protects the heart alone


Clavicle’s the collarbone, fractures all the time...


Radius and ulna are above the wrist...


Phalanges, you’ll find, are in the hands and feet...


The tibia’s the shin and the fibula - you’ll see
Is in the lower leg, just under the knee
Tarsal’s in the ankles, right near the toes
And metatarsal’s in the foot’s as far as we goes!



Have your students write their own verses about the bones in the human body, and perform them to the instrumental version of this song, included in the CD. 
 Note: This song does NOT mention all 206 bones!


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Many thanks to Robin Walling for permission to display these lyrics.
© Robin Walling. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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