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Classify It
Science Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Robin Walling

This song is available on Robin Walling's
Science In Song III: Animal Kingdoms.

Aristotle and Linnaeus rock along
Rock along to the classifying song
Aristotle only used a simple key
Linnaeus used traits he could see

Kingdom and phylum are rocking, can’t ya see
There’s class and order and family
But don’t forget the scientific name
Genus and species- that’s their fame

NA- NA- NA- NA…classify it
NA-NA-NA-NA…just try it
NA-NA-NA-NA… Tax-on-o-myyy

Monerans are- Prokaryote
No membranes, it ain’t no joke
Bacteria are single-celled
Too much of them, you won’t feel well!

Eukaryote- makes up the rest
With membranes, you can see the nucleus
Animal, Plant, Protists, Fungi
Let’s rock on and classify!!!… 



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Many thanks to Robin Walling for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Robin Walling. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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