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Alphabet Song for the Letter "M"
Greg Whitfield

This song is available on AlphaSongs.

MMMMMMM, this letter sound makes me hungry. The teacher in thissong baked marshmallow muffins to teach her students the sound of letter M. Just smelling them in the oven made the kids say /m/, and tasting them made them say /mmmmm/.

You can do the same for your kid by using blueberry muffin mix (leaveout the blueberries), and adding a few mini-marshmellows to the batter in each muffin cup before baking. Elicits the /m/ sound every time, and is more effective than Campbell's soup!

My teacher tried to teach me
The sound of letter M
But I could not remember it well
Then she came up with an idea
She baked marshmallow muffins
I will never forget how they smelled

I said, "Mmmmmmmmm" when I smelled 'em
I said, "Mmmmmmmmm" when I smelled 'em
And my teacher she grinned ear to ear
She said, "That's it! Now you've got it!
That sound you were making
Is the M sound I wanted to hear."

Then I tasted a bite of the muffin
And said, "Mmmmmmmmm"
And my teacher, she was smiling
As I munched on that muffin
She said, "That was the M sound you made."

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Many thanks to Greg Whitfield for permission to publish his lyrics and lesson suggestions from AlphaSongs, a collection of 26 original songs, one for each letter in the alphabet.

Copyright © 1996 Greg Whitfield.  All rights reserved.




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