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Alphabet Song for the Letter "J"
Greg Whitfield

This song is available on AlphaSongs.

John James Jinkleheimer, Jr. knew the sound that was made by letter J.And why not? He had four of them in his name! In this song, the characters' names are loaded with J's.

As you did with the D song, use phone books, student directories, etc. to list J names, except this time string them together to form one long name. See how many J's you can fit into one person's name, count the J's in the song's characters' names, record with tally marks. Write each name on a note card, and change the order of them to change the character's name. Draw a picture of what this person might look like, where he might travel (Jamaica), how he might get there (jet), what he might eat (jello), what music he might listen to (Journey), etc.

John James Jinkleheimer, Jr.
Knew the sound that was made by letter J
And all the other kids in his kindergarten class
They were jealous of the J's in Johnnie's name

'Till one day the teacher introduced them
To Jamie Joanie Jenny Janie James
And everybody knew that this new student
Had even more J's than Johnnie in her name

But what came next was unexpected
Another new student came along
And this one's name was Jeremia
Jackson Johnson Jeb Jermaine Jarrell Jerome

And that was only just his first name
His middle on was Jimmie Jackie Joe
And his last name was Jefferson Jawalski
Jenkins Jasper Jarvis Justin Joyner Jones

Well, John James Jinkleheimer, Jr.
And Jamie Joanie Jenny Janie James
And all the other kids in that kindergarten class
Became experts at the sound of letter J



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Many thanks to Greg Whitfield for permission to publish his lyrics and lesson suggestions from AlphaSongs, a collection of 26 original songs, one for each letter in the alphabet.

Copyright © 1996 Greg Whitfield.  All rights reserved.




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