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Vega Boogie

Celebrating Vegetables and Healthy Eating
Dan Schmitt and Angie Bolton

This song is available on Tickle Tune Typhoon's Circle Around

Come on. Do the Vega Boogie
Come on. Do the Vega Boogie

My name is Dan and they call me the bass man
When I do my thing
I like to play a funky kind of music
Cause it makes you dance and sing

But when I'm home at the end of the day
And I'm feelin' kind of tired and beat
I fix up some tasty vegetables cause
That's what I like to eat

We like our vegetables yes we do
We like our vegetables they're good for you
We like our vegetables they make you strong
We like our vegetables come on and sing along

My name is Dennis and I like my beans
Black, white, red, yellow, brown and green
My kidneys and my pintos, soy and my strings
They make me feel strong enough for anything

Well Angie is my name, singin', dancin', and drummin's my game
To keep me high energy, I like to eat my broccoli
So dance, shout, jump about
Get down on those brussels sprouts

My name is Lorraine I like my lettuce romaine
I like mustard greens and my fresh green beans
My zucchini and my cauliflower
So I can write these songs that you can sing for hours




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