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Songs for Teaching Alphabet Radio App
SFT Alphabet Radio App

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Enjoy Songs for Teaching's Alphabet and Letter Sounds music on your device! Great for the home, car or classroom!

  • 250 & Alphabet & Letter Sounds Songs
  • Music Streams from our Server
  • User Friendly! Pause or Skip Function

Covers the letters of the alpabet and their sounds to promote early literacy.

Music from the following albums are included on the app:

Alphabet Moves Album Download with Lyrics Alphasongs Little Ears: 27 Songs for Reading Readiness Top 33 Circle Time Songs Hap Palmer: One Little Sound - Fun with Phonics And Numbers Music with Mar: Having A Ball With Music CD Dr. Jean: Move It, Learn It Intelli-Tunes Beginning Reading Skills Wiggle It! Album Download with Lyrics Singing Through the Alphabet ABCs and Much More:  Educational Music CD or Download Mr. Froggy's Friends' ABCs from Mar. Harman Dr. Jean: Kiss Your Brain CD The Learning Ride: K-1 Standards Skills and Concepts Dr. Jean: Just for Fun! CD Kinder World Educational Music CD or Download I'm All Ears: Sing Into Reading Hap Palmer: Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye Music with Mar: Songs I Hadn't Sung Yet CD Nature's ABC's CD Life's Lessons Dr. Jean: Totally Reading Double-CD Set Hap Palmer: Can a Jumbo Jet Sing the Alphabet Intelli-Tunes Word Mechanics Silly Willy Moves Through the ABC’s Dr. Jean: Better Bodies and Brains CD Early Years: Pre K- K Concepts Show Me How You Move Music CD or Download Songs for Teachers Song Download We Love to Read: Literacy Program Alphabet Action Songs Download






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