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Let Deeds, Not Words
Song For Teaching Positive Character Traits
Joe, Sonya, Keenan, and Dylan Crone

This song is available on Joe Crone's We Can Move the World.

Let Deeds not words, be your adorning,
Deeds not words, be your adorning
Let Deeds not words, be your adorning,
Deeds not words, be your adorning

I went to the market just the other day,
saw an old woman on her way
When her bag of groceries fell to the ground
they were quickly picked up by kids hanging around


Well, a child at school was always picking on me
we were sitting at lunch under a shady tree
he had no food and was feeling sad
I looked into my bag, to see what I had

One day we went for a ride in our family car
We didn’t think about the gas, we went too far
A stranger came by and gave us a hand
He got us on our way, we said thank-you man

One day I got out of bed before everyone else
I went to the kitchen and decided myself
to make my family breakfast while they were in bed
I had little song ringing in my head



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Many thanks to Joe Crone for permission to display these lyrics.
© Joe Crone. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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