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Attitude of Gratitude

David Woodward

This song is available on David Woodward's Virtuous Tunes.

Been thinking a lot about gratitude
Seems to me that it’s a whole lot more than attitude
More than just saying thanks it’s the things you do
It’s what you cherish
What you hold dear to you

Been thinking a whole lot about attitude
The way you face the world the way it faces you
When you give back the good it gives to you
You only get more
You never lose

I got the feeling
I want to say thanks
For all the love and the healing
And all the beautiful things
The gratitude I’m feeling
Has got me wanting to sing
My thanks to the world
And all the good that it brings

We’ve all had troubles and we’ve felt some pain
There are times when things don’t go my way
But in the end I can look and say
See all the good things that we have today

Attitude of gratitude
It’s in a feeling,
in a mood,
its in the way you move

Thank you

It makes you feel you want to give
and give the more you get

Attitude of gratitude
When you recognize
the sacrifice
It builds a deep respect

Thank you


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Many thanks to David Woodward for permission to display these lyrics.
© David Woodward. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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