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I Like Me

Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Dr. Thomas Moore


This song is available on Dr. Thomas Moore's
"I am Special Just Because I'm Me

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I Like Me
I like me,
(repeat), I like you, (repeat)
I like me,
(repeat), and I like, (repeat)
You too, (repeat)

Verse 1
I like my eyes,
(repeat), I like my nose, (repeat)
I like my head,
(repeat), I like my toes, (repeat)
I like your eyes,
(repeat), I like your nose, (repeat),
I like your head,
(repeat), I like your toes, (repeat).


Verse 2
I like my smile,
(repeat), I like my grin, (repeat)
I like my ear,
(repeat), I like my chin, (repeat)
I like your smile,
(repeat), I like your grin, (repeat),
I like your ear,
(repeat), I like your chin, (repeat)


Verse 3
I like to laugh,
(repeat), I like to giggle, (repeat),
I like to dance,
(repeat), I like to wiggle, (repeat),
I like to see you laugh,
(repeat), I like to see you giggle, (repeat),
I like to see you dance,
(repeat), I like to see you wiggle, (repeat),




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Many thanks to Dr. Thomas Moore for permission to display these lyrics.
© Thomas Moore. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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