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Plant a Seed

A Song for Learning Colors
Marilyn M. Linford

Plant A Seed Song

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Plant it, yes plant it. Plant that flower seed.
Plant it, yes plant it. Plant that flower seed.

I'll plant a flower seed into the soil deep,
Down will come the rain and wake it from its sleep.
The ground will start to warm when the sun comes out,
And then the flower seed will soon begin to sprout..


The flower seed is changing, the roots are growing down.
The sprouted seed is growing, breaking through the ground.
Next appears the green leaves upon the flower stem,
Tiny buds are forming, the flower is within.


A tiny flower seed was planted in the ground,
With soil, sun, and water, a blossom can be found.
I took the time to plant it, that little flower seed,
Now there is a flower, it is so fun to see.


Plant that flower see. Now plant that seed!

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Many thanks to Marilyn M. Linford for permission to display these lyrics.
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