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Winter Holiday Songs

Songs appropriate for a diverse classroom

Celebrate all the Winter Holidays!

These Winter Holiday Songs are available from a variety of albums:

Children's Winter Holiday Songs suitable for all Holidays
As We Go Round the Sun – W.L.A. Children's Music Choir
Did You Ever See A Penguin? – Kiboomu Music
Festivals of Light – Lauren Mayer
Fill the World – W.L.A. Children's Music Choir 
First Snowfall - Maureen Conlin
Five Gingerbread Men  – Kiboomu Music
Five Little Snowmen – Kiboomu Music
Freedom to Celebrate (Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa) – Karen Rushlo
The Ha! Ha! Holiday Song - W.L.A. Children's Music Choir
The Ha Hee Ha Ho Holiday Song - W.L.A. Children's Music Choir
Holiday Night - W.L.A. Children's Music Choir
Happy Holidays to You - Music with Mar.
Holiday Song - Joyce Paultre
Holidays Are Fun - Music with Mar.
I'm Happy! (The Holidays Are Coming!) – W.L.A. Children's Music Choir
It's Holiday Time - Pam Donkin and Greta Pedersen
The Mitten Color Song  – Kiboomu Music
Ten Twinkling Trees  – Listen and Learn space
Where is Bear? (Hibernation) – Kiboomu Music

Holiday Musical Plays and Operas
K-3 Christmas Concert Ideas –Themes & Variations
1-5 Christmas Concert Ideas –Themes & Variations
Survival Santa – Themes & Variations
The Winter Holiday Show – Bad Wolf Press

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