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Gned the Gnu
Gary Rosen
 and George Storey

This song is available on Gary Rosen's Tot Rock.

Teachers can direct their students to listen for the initial "N" and "G" sounds and how to play with them in this song.


Gned the Gnu is gnoble and gnice
He lives out in Africa with elephants and mice
Gned the Gnu is ga-gallant, brave and true
He's a good good gneighbor to me and you.

Give a hoot, give a howl
He wil be there double quick
To make a funny face and to cheer you when you're sick.
When Gned tells a joke, you can hear hyenas laugh
He even gets a great guffaw from the tall giraffe.
Haw haw haw haw


When the sun is blazing hot
Not a tree to give some shade
He finds a waterhole where the herd can drink and wade
A gnibble on his gneck, it's sweet Serengtti Sue
Round and round they paddle in her new gnu canoe
(Splish splash splish splash)


When the lion's on the loose
And she's looking for her lunch
Gned yells, "Spread the gnews! Go gallop with the bunch."
First they zig, then they zag, then they do the happy dip
The final score is wildebeasts 50, lion zip.
(Nah nah nah nah nah. You can't catch me.)




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Many thanks to Gary Rosen and George Story for permission to display these lyrics.
© Gary Rosen and George Story. All rights reserved.

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