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Cross-Laterals: Exercise for Learning Development
Jerry Evanski, Ed.D.


Dr. Evanski is the author of
     Classroom Activators: More Than 100 Ways to Energize Learners

This article is from Dr. Evanski's original set of "Student State Changes and Energizers."
     Brain Gym is a popular collection of exercises and activities that can be used to keep your students' minds and bodies active and stimulated. The Brain Gym suggests several activities known as "Cross lateral" activities. If you imagine a line going down the middle of your body top to bottom, anything that crosses over that midline can stimulate all four lobes of the brain, and serves as an excellent state change.

      This cross lateral state change can be used with students of all ages:


1. On one hand, hold up your index finger.
2. On your other hand, hold up your thumb.
3. Then, switch as fast as you can, so the hand that had the finger up now has the thumb up, and the hand that had the thumb up now has the index finger up.
4. Repeat several times.
5. Try it standing up.

Excerpted with permission from
     The Missing Ingredient: State Changes and Energizers for your Classroom.
     © 2002 Gerard Evanski. All rights reserved.

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     Classroom Activators: More Than 100 Ways to Energize Learners

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