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When in Rome
(X Little Roman Numerals)
Harry Guffee

This song is available on Harry Guffee's Got Math?

The lilting melody of the flute accompanies the explanation of how many centuries ago, in the days of the Roman Empire, letters of the alphabet were used as symbols for counting numbers.

Many centuries ago, in the days of the Roman Empire,
People used the letters of  the alphabet as symbols for counting. 
The letter I is a symbol for one, V for five, and X for ten

I, II, III numerals
IV, V, VI numerals
VII, VIII, IX numerals
X little Roman numerals

Other Roman numerals are formed 
By adding the value of the symbols 
III is three, VI is six
A smaller symbol on the left of a larger is being subtracted;
IX equals nine.


The other Roman numerals are L, C, D, and M
The symbols for 50, 100, 500 and 1,000
When a horizontal line is placed above a Roman numeral
The value of that numeral is multiplied by one thousand



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Many thanks to Harry Guffee for permission to publish these lyrics.
© 2002 Pine Mountain Music.  All rights reserved. Printed with permission.

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